Áðr verǫld steypiz / The Draugr (Preview of our upcoming EP "Draugr")

by Nidhöggr



This is a preview
The intro and opening track of the upcoming EP "Draugr".
This os the first recording that introduces our new bass player Hrym and rhythm guitarist Hrimgrimnir and our last that will feature our ex-drummer Vánagandr.
It will be released later this year and we are currently working on a deal.
This is for you to listen to until then.
Since no deal is made with any label yet there are no additional info yet but there will be. Soon enough. Feel free to check our merchandise section.

All rights reserved! Until a deal is signed this is considered the property of Nidhöggr and Hveðrungrs own label "Lake of Fire Productions".
Artwork by: Göran Nilsson / Hydra Illustration


As always... try to listen until your ears bleed.
Maybe someday we will release our lyrics and maybe not.


released July 13, 2017
Hveðrungr - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Nox - Vocals
Hrym - Bass
Hrimgrimnir - Rhythm Guitars
Vánagandr - Drums



all rights reserved


Nidhöggr Sweden

Hveðrungr - Lead Guitars
Nox - Vocals
Hrym - Bass
Hrimgrimnir - Rhythm Guitars
Mánagarmr - Drums

Ex members:
Hrungnir - Bass
Vánagandr - Drums

Soon the dragon will sweep the fields.... all life ends!

Contact: thorup@lake-of-fire.se
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